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The Color Atlas by Archroma

The Color Atlas by Archroma represents a true labor of love, one born from a belief that we can capture as much of the color spectrum as possible for our customers, allowing you to Dream in Color too.

To learn more about the Color Atlas by Archroma watch this video:

In this special collaboration with Fashion Snoops, Archroma presents the Top 10 Colors for Spring 20.

  • 4,320 new colors on cotton poplin 
  • Readily available color standards for quick and precise color communication with mills and supplier
  • The companion color atlas online allows you to quickly search photos and images to find your colors in the book. Try it here.

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Free ebook: The Top 10 Colors for Spring 20

Now also available in condensed edition, the Compact Color Atlas includes the same 4,320 color swatches as the original, but is condensed from six to two slim volumes for increased mobility.